Fish Island, London Area

Fish Island, London Area

A district in east London called Fish Island belongs to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Among the 58 conservation areas within the borough of Tower Hamlets, many of the buildings serve an important role in the industrial heritage of the country, yet there are no designated landmarks in this area.

As a result of gentrification and reconstruction in Fish Island since 2016, it has been dubbed the “new Shoreditch”, which is a reflection of the development of that neighbourhood during the 1990s.

Hackney Wick, a nearby borough, has similarities to Fish Island thus, although they are in separate boroughs, they are sometimes referred to as a part of Hackney Wick.

Fish Island, although known as such, is not actually an island.


Part of Fish Island is surrounded on its east and west sides by Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and River Lea, respectively.

This area lies between the A12 to the west of Bow, as well as the A12, river Lea, and railway which connect the eastern part of Stratford with the western part.

The boundaries of the London Borough of Hackney run along the Hackney Wick railway station that extends beyond the Hertford Union Canal until the Hertford Union Canal.

Tower Hamlets considers that much of the Olympic Park to be part of Fish Island, creating a northernmost extent of the borough.


A street art mural visible from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is on Fish Island’s rear

Artists and space have been making their home on Fish Island for a long time. Around 600 artists’ studios were located in Hackney Wick, the Island and surroundings in 2009. Britannia Works, an integral part of Space Studio’s, is where the London Centre for Book Arts is housed since 2012. The center promotes the arts by providing publishing and printing facilities. Fish Island Labs, which launched in 2014, was a joint venture between Trampery and the Barbican Centre that offered shared workspaces to up to 50 participants.

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