We can help you to get the most out of your loft conversion by transforming it into a useful, functional, and stunning space.

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Court London Lofts make sure your Loft conversions Ealing come equipped with everything you need.

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Mansard Loft conversion

Hip to Gable Conversion

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Loft conversions Ealing

Although utilizing your loft as storage space can be tempting, there are so many other things you can do with your Loft conversions Ealing property. Above your head are a lot of wasted spaces that could be used better. We can help and have experience with Loft conversion specialist in ealing. Our loft conversions are customized for you, your property, and your budget, so you get a beautiful new space to call your own.

The dormer window is used for loft conversions.
The Attic windows are used for all loft conversions.

Loft Conversion Types for Ealing

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1. Dormer Conversions

Dormers are an extension to the roof, allowing more headroom and space to be utilized in a loft conversion.

Dormers protrude from the roof slope, usually at the back of the home, and come in a range of colors and designs. In a dormer, the high ceiling is horizontal, and the vertical walls are vertical and not diagonal like a conversion. Lofts with limited space or headroom can make converting feasible if a dormer is added.

Loft conversions by specialists in London have beautiful windows
A beautiful loft with a roof over the windows

2. Mansard Conversions

The Mansard is commonly built by first raising the party or gable walls to create the profile, and then building the timber frame onto the house. Mansards are usually found in larger cities, such as London, but not as often in the suburbs.

Due to the lower cost and simpler construction, flat roof dormers are more popular among 3-bed semis and terraces. And you'd probably need planning permission for a Mansard loft conversion, don't you think? Things are definitely worth thinking about.

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3. Velux Conversions

Velux is a brand name for Velux light conversion. This is the easiest and fastest way to convert your home and usually doesn't need planning permission.

Loft conversions using Velux work really well if there's a lot of headroom or if there are planning constraints, like in a conservation area. If headroom is going to be an issue, perhaps a dormer or mansard conversion would make more sense. Velux roof lights can be installed quickly and easily, so bad weather doesn't cause any delays.

A loft conversion in london house with 2 windows looking onto white walls
The london home that has a loft conversion has many windows.

Why choose Court London Lofts in Ealing to convert my loft?

Every loft conversion project is custom-made to fit your needs, with a bunch of design options and extras to choose from. We make sure our Loft conversions Ealing come equipped with everything you need.

There might be a bunch of furniture, refurbishments, and more.  Court London Lofts has a project manager, customer service, a tracking system, and a dashboard you can use to run your loft conversion project in West London here.

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Is it possible for your loft to be converted?

Instead of moving into a bigger property, why not upgrade your loft space, instead of getting stressed out over moving houses? Our Loft conversions Ealing provide families with a great way to add bedrooms and additional living areas for affordable prices and projects are done professionally and quickly with the least disturbance to the client's lifestyle. We are the best Loft conversion specialist in Ealing and Loft conversion specialist in Hanwell.

Court London Lofts understands that loft conversions can seem overwhelming to many people. Because we want the process to be as simple as possible. Yes, Court London Lofts converts Loft conversions Ealing and we'll give you a 10-year warranty, and we'll give you a lot of extra options if you want. Importantly, all the required permits and certificates are also provided.

There are many Attic windows in this London home that was converted from a loft.

Court London Lofts will help you find the best loft conversion specialist.


The loft conversions we carry out take up a large part of our work across the UK, mainly in London and the Home Counties, where space is limited.

Dormer Loft Conversion

Court London Lofts builds dormers, hip-to-gables, rooflight loft conversions, and mansard loft conversions throughout the UK. We provide high-quality materials and products and use tried and tested methods when arranging construction work.

Hip to Gable Conversion

With hip to gable loft conversions, more space appears by stretching the roof outwards. Loft conversions of this type have proven popular for terraced homes or semi-detached properties where additional space can be created.

Mansard Loft conversion

The construction of a mansard loft conversion usually requires much more effort than any other type of loft conversion, but it can result in creating a great amount of extra living space in your home, wherever you live.

Court London Lofts will help you find the best loft conversion specialist.


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loft conversions 1 door and 2 window with design

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