the best loft conversions windows design

To start, all you have to do is pick up the phone, give us a call an initial idea of what your requirements are, and book a free friendly no-obligation consultation and survey, or simply fill out the form below.

At a time arranged at your convenience we will carry out a survey of your loft space to confirm the feasibility of the conversion.  Once this is complete we will explain the process of a loft conversion in London, then listen to your ideas and recommend the most suitable options to meet your requirements.

We will then send you a written no obligation FIXED PRICE quotation within 5 working days.  When you want to proceed, give us a call and we will arrange for our architect to visit your property; who will create architectural drawings for your conversion.  Our structural engineer will then create structural calculations for the necessary beams and joists. Once complete we will present you with a copy of the architectural drawings, on your approval we will submit them to the local council authority in the loft builders. We will set a date for the work to commence at your convenience, we erect scaffolding and carry out most of the construction work from outside causing minimal disruption.  View our step-by-step guide page to see the full process.

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