We can help you to get the most out of your loft conversion by transforming it into a useful, functional, and stunning space.

Loft Conversion Specialists in London । Court London Lofts

Court London Lofts are loft conversion specialists and builders based in the London area.

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Mansard Loft conversion

Hip to Gable Conversion

Dormer Loft Conversion

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Loft Conversion Specialists

Consider Court London Lofts for your next loft conversion project:

At Court London Lofts, we're doing a lot of loft conversions and converting them into beautiful spaces. Court London lofts are one of the UK's best loft conversion specialists, Some Londoners need a larger home for an expanding family, but they cannot afford to move house. Others look for the one space they can call their own in the house. Court London Lofts is the best loft conversion specialists in London.

We try to make a loft conversion in London as hassle-free as possible. You will receive a dedicated Project Manager for the entire process from design and build to permitting, construction and planning. Court Lofts are one of the best loft companies near London.

Court Lofts are main Residential Building Contractors in London and take on everything from extensions to garage builds and work alongside all the main fabricators from windows and doors suppliers to roofers and skip hire, all under one project anager.

Loft made by specialist in london

Court Lofts specialize in all types of loft conversions through out North London, East London, West London , South London and South West of London 

The popular styles found throughout London are Hip To Gable Lofts, Dormer Lofts and Mansard Lofts , if you wish to speak to a member of staff or a specialist on lofts, please send an email or pick up the phone and get on a quick call. To check out all types of loft conversions go here.

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Windowed attics are generally located in sloped roofs or open spaces above the ground.

Loft Conversion Specialists in London

We can start your London Loft conversion today:

Arrange a free site survey today and start the ball rolling on your very own custom loft conversion. See our interactive map of London for details of areas we cover and some of the loft conversion projects we've finished near you.

You’ll also find a lot of great information on services, what the planning process is, and your London loft conversion costs as well as case studies as well as feedback from our clients. This will benefit you to gain a better understanding of our unique service.

If you think Court London Lofts can make your loft or attic look amazing, then why not contact us today? You can live anywhere in or around London, whether you need to do a loft conversion in North London, a loft conversion in South London, a loft conversion in East London, or a loft conversion in West London.

Please call us on 020 4538 8666, or contact us through our loft conversion specialists website to arrange an on-site survey of your home. You can rest assured that if you choose to receive our estimates, you will always get an affordable estimate, and if you approve of the quote, we can start working on it.

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Loft Conversion Builder London

We specialize in making loft conversions as hassle-free and simple as possible of Loft conversion builder London. Are you thinking of selling your current house and moving to a new one? If you're thinking about doing a Loft conversion on your London house, it can add 25% in value. You'll probably make money over the long run if you do a good job of your loft conversion. Loft conversion is among the most popular house improvements available in London.

They are less costly than deciding to relocate all at once while still providing you with an opportunity to add square footage to your residence. One of the best loft conversion specialists in London.

We cover:

  • North London
  • South London
  • East London
  • West London

Types of lofts:

  • Dormer Loft
  • Hip to Gable
  • L-Shaped Loft
  • Mansard Loft
3 london builders creating loft conversion
Loft conversions with awesome bed and window

What is a Loft Conversion Specialists?

Look for an experienced contractor with loft conversion specialists who can inspect your loft and help you decide on your best options for getting extra space. You might be surprised by the questions asked and the great suggestions that follow. They will discuss the size and height of the rooms, roof heights, how to build a loft that uses roof lights for natural light, storage options, and so on.

Additionally, the loft conversion specialists have the knowledge to explain whether local planners will allow the roofline to be raised and whether any additional planning permission will be needed. There are a number of different planning authorities that have different rules and priorities, so a professional will make sure she is familiar with the local laws before the visit. You will be much better off with a new room built by a company that has specialized in the loft conversion.

Court London Lofts is such a company. We offer an initial consultation that is free and we have extensive experience. Get in touch to discuss your project in more detail, and we can get started right away.

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What type of Loft Conversion is right for you?

Our loft conversion specialists understand no two loft conversions in London are exactly the same; not only due to the wide array of properties in the city but also due to the wonderful variety of people, tastes, and lifestyles. Our loft conversions are tailored to the needs of our clients and include everything they need.

It might include the latest wet rooms and bathroom suites, or gorgeous design features like Juliet balconies, skylights, and much more to maximize natural light. You might want to discuss types of loft conversions that you are interested in talking to me like dormer loft conversions, mansard loft conversion London, L-shaped dormer loft conversions, or hip to gable loft conversions. We can also do staircases and built-in storage, electrical, and lighting services, it's all part of what we do.

In a loft there are usually dormers. They are commonly used to provide extra space at the top of a roof.
loft conversion contractor to made loft conversions
How should I prepare questions for a loft conversion contractor?
  • What loft conversion work have you done?
  • Can I see some reviews of your loft conversion specialist's work?
  • What types of loft conversion do you provide?
  • Which loft conversion would work for my house, needs, and budget?
  • Where can I get ideas on loft conversion?
  • Do you know if there's anything specific to loft conversions?
  • Do you do insulation and flooring in the loft? How long will it take?
  • Can you draw up loft conversion plans?
  • How much will I have to pay for my loft conversion?
  • Do you give me a written estimate?
  • How much will be the house disrupted?
  • What's the timeline for conversion?
  • How should I prepare my loft for conversion?


Use Court London Lofts to find the perfect loft conversion specialists in London for your loft conversion project.

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Is it possible for your loft to be converted?

The quickest way to know whether or not your loft can be converted is to look down your street. If you find loft conversions in other houses, it’s very likely that you can have one.

You might also have to figure out what the internal loft height is. If it's at least 2.2m or 2.5m tall, then you should have no problem converting it.

A typical house is supported by beams or rafters in the loft that can easily be identified. Rafters run in circles around the perimeter of the roof, meaning the space underneath is occupied. It is supported by trusses that cross the loft.

Trusses are more expensive to convert because of the structural support that's required in order to replace them.

Additionally, you should also consider the amount of space in the basement below the loft. It would be necessary to construct a staircase in order for the loft conversion to be habitable; this will eat into the existing space below the loft conversion – can you afford to lose this space?

1 door and 2 window in loft conversion in London

Court London Lofts will help you find the best loft conversion specialist.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Court Lofts have been carrying out loft conversions for over 30 years throughout London Middlesex and the home counties.

 How long does a loft conversion take? All conversions vary due to the different types & sizes of conversions, on average most loft conversions are completed within   4 - 8 weeks.

Yes, we take care of everything from the architectural plans to obtaining permission from your Local authority.

Yes, you need to have a minimum 2.3 meters from the top of ceiling joists to the bottom of your ridge beam.

Yes, the plumbing and electrics are all included in our price but if a bathroom is installed we fit your purchased suite.

Yes, we would be delighted to show you a recent conversion at the home of one of our customers.

Yes we include a 5 year 'peace of mind' guarantee with each conversion covering labour and materials!

One of our Consultants will visit you without obligation, to discuss your particular requirements and provide a free estimate. Dormer conversions start at £26,000, Hip to Gable Conversions start at £28,000 Mansard Conversions start at £30,000 and a Velux™ conversion starts at £24,000, however prices can vary due to the size and complexity of the conversion.

These vary. Some conversions require planning permission, all conversions require Building Regulation approval.

Yes, following changes to the planning regulations effective from 1 October 2008, loft conversions have become easier most loft conversion not exceeding 40 cubic meters in volume for terraced houses and 50 cubic meters for detached and semi-detached houses are now permitted developments. Loft conversions on Flats, in Conservation Areas, or on listed buildings will still require planning permission. You can read more on our permissions page or if unsure if your conversion would be a permitted development call us on 020 4538 8666.

Once a deposit has been made the work generally commences within one month of permission being obtained from the council.

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The loft conversions we carry out take up a large part of our work across the UK, mainly in London and the Home Counties, where space is limited.

Dormer Loft Conversion

Court London Lofts builds dormers, hip-to-gables, rooflight loft conversions, and mansard loft conversions throughout the UK. We provide high-quality materials and products and use tried and tested methods when arranging construction work.

Hip to Gable Conversion

With hip to gable loft conversions, more space appears by stretching the roof outwards. Loft conversions of this type have proven popular for terraced homes or semi-detached properties where additional space can be created.

Mansard Loft conversion

The construction of a mansard loft conversion usually requires much more effort than any other type of loft conversion, but it can result in creating a great amount of extra living space in your home, wherever you live.

Court London Lofts will help you find the best loft conversion specialist.


Post codes and areas we serve:

Barking and Dagenham, Barnet, Bexley, Brent ,Bromley, Camden, Croydon ,Ealing, Enfield, Greenwich , Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham , Haringey, Harrow, Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Kingston upon Thames, Lambeth, Lewisham ,Merton , Newham , Redbridge, Richmond upon Thames, Southwark, Sutton, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Wandsworth, Westminster, City of London, Soho, Covent gardens, Stratford, Shoreditch, Kings Cross.

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