Finsbury Park Area

Finsbury Park

There is a public park named Finsbury Park in London’s Harringay neighborhood. Since the historic parish of Hornsey was succeeded by the Municipal Borough of Hornsey, it has been formally known as the Borough of Hornsey. It was one of the first of London’s great parks to be planned and constructed during the Victorian era. A park in Harringay borders Finsbury Park, Stroud Green, Manor House, and the neighborhood of Stroud Green.

Finsbury Park and Finsbury are two separate London districts roughly 3 miles (5 km) to the south. They both fall under the London Borough of Islington.

Before the park

The park was outlined on a portion of land that was originally a wooded area within the Manor of Brownswood. It was part of an extensive woodland known as Hornsey Wood, which was progressively cut back and used for grazing through the Middle Ages. A tea room was established on the hill upon which Finsbury Park is situated in the mid-18th century. North of London, Londoners would escape the smoke of the city to enjoy what was left of the old Hornsey Wood. The small tea rooms became a larger house, which renamed itself Hornsey Wood House/Tavern when it was completed around 1800. Water was pumped into the lake from the nearby New River by pumping it up from the top of the knoll. They had boating facilities and probably shooting and archery ranges, as well as cockfighting and other blood sports contests. A new park was constructed in the Hornsey Wood Tavern area, which enlarged the lake. When the park was completed, a pub along Seven Sisters Road named itself the Hornsey Wood Tavern after its original address. Alexandra Dining Room, previously a pub, was renamed in April 2007 and was closed for business. It was demolished shortly afterward.


An arboretum and avenues of mature trees are surrounded by open ground and formal gardens. There are also a park, a playground, a cafe and a gallery of artistic expression. The park’s specialized sports facilities include football fields, a cycling club, a bowling green, a skatepark, a stadium for athletic competition, and a tennis court. You will find two facilities for American sport in this park, unusual for London: an American football field, which is home to the London Blitz, and baseball and softball diamonds, where you can watch the London Mets play. It is an excellent pedestrian and bike route that connects Crouch Hill Park with Crouch End , Highgate Underground station and Crouch Hill Park.

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