Brent Cross Area

Brent Cross Area

Brent Cross was originally known as a crossroads, today it is the site of a road interchange and a major thoroughfare in Barnet, North London, England. Brent Cross Shopping Centre was built in 1976 and is a mile from Hendon and Golders Green. Brent South Shopping Park is near Brent Cross Shopping Centre. In the western direction from the shopping centre lies the West and Central London and the M1 motorway, while the Brent Cross Flyover and the A5 Edgware Road are found in the eastern part of the shopping centre. Additionally, on the North and Thameslink rail lines, the route is served by viaducts.

There is a man-made channel passing through the area, the River Brent, which flows from east to west. There are three postcode districts within the Brent Cross postcode area: NW4; NW2; and NW11


Formerly known as Brent Cross, the Brent Cross Flyover is located in the vicinity of a crossroads. Upon the building of the eponymous shopping centre in the late 20th century, the term was used to describe business addresses within the North Circular.

Before the nineteenth century the area remained predominantly farmland with a name dating back to 1309. The construction of a sewage works and Hendon Greyhound Stadium were both built in the late nineteenth century. They stood there between 1935 and 1972. A stand-alone shopping mall constructed in the United Kingdom was the first to open in 1976: Brent Cross.

Developed by Brent Cross Cricklewood.

For the purpose of securing the area against disruption caused by the construction, the developers have offered to transform the North Circular bridge into a ‘living bridge’ which will contribute to the horticultural life of the development. As retail market demand is expected to decline due to an increase in online shopping, BXS is planning a change in its development strategy and plans to focus on residential buildings first. The retail development is currently being put on hold while construction continues. Construction was planned to commence in 2018 and conclude in 2021-22.

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