Raynes Park Area

Raynes Park Area

Wimbledon, England, has the suburb Raynes Park, a railway station, and a local center. Furthermore, housing estates are located in New Malden and Wimbledon Chase to the east of South West London. The distance between the station and Charing Cross is 7.8 miles (12.5 kilometers). Copse Hill and Coombe are large detached residences, golf courses, and gated communities, that are north and west of Kingston upon Thames. The 2011 population estimate for Raynes Park, consisting of the wards of Raynes Park & West Barnes, was 19,619 people.


The Green Belt area in South West London contains a large proportion of London’s open green space. Within the Cannon Hill area there are two parks, Cottenham Park and Cannon Hill Common.

 Several hundred year old forests on this site provide habitat for a variety of fauna and flora.


The part of the parish of Merton located on the south side of Coombe Lane and Kingston Road was traditionally part of the Wimbledon parish, while the portion north of the Coombe Lane line was part of Merton. In spite of the development of the city, the area remained rural. 

A large part of Cottenham Park North was devoted to residential development in the 1870’s. Pepys stands as the name of his home, at Wimbledon in the 18th century, where he lived until his death in 1851. Garth planned to build his house on the farm where the Rayne family previously lived.

Transport and amenities There is a national rail station at Raynes Park. There are four platforms at the station, which is on the branch line heading toward Epsom and Dorking. One prominent landmark is the station’s pedestrian bridge which spans all four main tracks at a 45-degree angle. The platforms are also not opposite each other, another defining feature of the station. Nearly 210 trains arrive at the station each day, an average of 12 per hour during peak hours, taking passengers to Waterloo in central London. There is a railway running between Waterloo and Southampton that splits Raynes Park in two.

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