North Acton Area

North Acton Area

North Acton is in the London Borough of Ealing and is part of the Acton area of west London. Its boundaries are shared by an industrial area called Park Royal. Since 1965, Acton has been in the London Borough of Ealing, originally a part of the town of Middlesex.

The area is mostly part of London W3, but the northern part of the district, dominated by industry, lies within the NW10 postal district, which is basically a satellite region of Park Royal. North Acton is closely associated with Park Royal, which falls within the same ecclesiastical parish and falls under the NW10 postcode area. North Acton’s St Gabriel’s Church is a parish church belonging to the Church of England.

Commercial activity

North Acton Playing Fields has a large number of facilities on the other side of Park Royal, which includes Black Island Film Studios. The Boden brand of clothing is also based in North Acton. The south of North Acton tube station has been redeveloped in recent years with new commercial development and high-rise residential facilities, as well as extensive student accommodation.

Public spaces

This huge green open space is a public recreational space. North Acton Square will open by 2020 in partnership with Victoria Road and North Acton tube station as part of the development of the area and to increase the status of the transport hub.

Transport North Acton Station is the primary tube station for this community, although several others are easily accessible on foot. North Acton is also connected to the Piccadilly line, although without a station stop. While North Acton station lies on the boundary of fare zone 2 and 3, it is located within fare zone 3. The station is located on the border of two railway lines: the Central line, and the Ealing Broadway branch, located to the west of the station.

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