Norbury Area

Norbury Area

The Norbury area is found in southwest London. The postcode SW16 is shared by neighboring localities such as Croydon and Streatham. A distance of 6.7 miles (10.8 kilometers) separates Norbury from the center of Charing Cross.


Norbury was primarily a rural environment along the London-Brighton Roman Road throughout most of its history. In 1961, excavations on the intact Hepworth Road, 52 feet wide, began. Standing in place of a metalled ford located on the Graveney River, which once formed the border between Norbury & Streatham, now the Wandle River meets the Thames.

Norbury Manor

A sub-manor belonging to the chief manor, Croydon, Norbury had existed by the start of the thirteenth century. In 1337, Nicolas de Carew came to hold Norbury Manor. He also owned Beddington Manor adjacent to Norbury Manor. Norbury remained rural and agricultural throughout this period where the Carew family remained Lords of the Manor until 1859. 

Modern Norbury

Norbury today is a built-up neighborhood where a large number of diverse and multi-cultural families reside. It is a diverse community of small businesses and shops, with most of Norbury High Street being newsagents and independent retailers, as well as numerous pubs. There are also numerous stations and transportation options nearby, such as the Crystal Palace Station, Croydon Station, Streatham Station and Central London. This is one of three fair zones within Norbury Station.


Steve Reed is the current MP for Norbury, part of Croydon North. Because this was a replacement for the Croydon North East constituency, the Labour Party has been represented in the House ever since.

Norbury is composed of two towns within Croydon London Borough Council, making up twenty-eight wards. Norbury and Pollards Hill and Norbury Park are wards that were created in 2018.

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