Noel Park Area

Noel Park Area

Noel Park in north London is an estate designed and constructed by Rowland Plumbe consisting of 2,200 models built between the 19th and the early 20th centuries. A tract of land on the outskirts of London was developed as part of the fast-growing Wood Green as the Noel Park Estate. The Artizans, Labourers, and General Dwellings Company (Artizans Company) designed and built four developments in the suburban surroundings of London. Apparently, the name was also given to Noel Park’s southernmost portion from 2003 to sometime in 2009, formerly known – and now referred to again – as Russell Park.

The Noel Park Estate was a garden suburban in the UK designed to provide affordable housing for families living in the inner city; each home had a front and back garden. It was intended as a self-sufficient community with a rail connection close enough to commute to work for its residents. According to Austin’s principles, there has never been a building of public houses in the estate, and there are still none.


Noel Park is an area in the London Borough of Haringey, in the northwestern part of the London Borough of Wood Green. It is an area that is in the ward of Wood Green. The area is bordered to the north by the A109, to the east by the A1080 and to the west by the A105.

De facto the northern border of the area was formed at the time of construction by the Moselle River, running parallel to Lordship Lane. When the river was culverted in the 1880s and the surrounding fields were developed the land between Lordship Lane and the river was built upon.

Modern Noel Park

An expanse of lawn stretches into the distance in a straight line toward a large yellow building. The grass is dotted with one-storey huts.

A prefabricated building erected after World War II on the former Palace Gate Line. The large building behind us is a former goods yard now called The Sandlings.

The estate’s physical condition was found to be poor following the transfer to the local authority. Half of the properties on the estate still lacked basic facilities such as toilets, internal baths and hot water when a report from Haringey London Borough in 1971 was released. A systematic system was implemented to build modern bathrooms into the rear of the houses.

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