Neasden Area

Neasden Area

There are a number of suburban areas in London, England. It is situated in the London Borough of North West London at the centre of the NW2 and NW10 postcodes. There is a reservoir and a river that separates Neasden from Kingsbury and Wembley; the other two boundary are the Welsh Harp and Gladstone Park; Dartford and Church End are separated by Gladstone, and Church End respectively. The area was influenced by Bob Marley who lived there after moving from Jamaica. In 2012, a blue plaque was mounted on the house honoring his memory.

As a hamlet

The hamlet of Neasden sprawled along the western side of Dollis Hill. St. Paul’s Cathedral owned the property. During the medieval period, the village was composed only of small buildings that surrounded the green in the vicinity of the present-day Neasden roundabout.

The Roberts family owned most of the country’s land during the 15th–17th centuries. Sir William Roberts of Neasden built a house in Neasden, where Clifford Court stands today, during Henry VIII’s reign. Sir Thomas Roberts bought confiscated church lands in 1651. The church owned the estates again, but leased them out to the Roberts family after the Restoration. The house was considerably improved by Sir William, and it was located in Willesden parish by 1664.

As the dominant family in Neasden in the 18th century, the Nicoll family succeeded the Roberts. In the 19th century, Neasden House and much of the nearby land were owned entirely by farmers and moneyers at the Royal Mint.

Contemporary history

Neasden Lane’s Grange Tavern was demolished in the 1990s in order to build a block of flats, marking the end of an inn that had existed there for two centuries. McDonald’s has opened another old pub on the North Circular Road, The Pantiles, for barbecue, which was converted into a pub. IKEA was the second Swedish furniture retailer in the United Kingdom to open their store in Neasden in 1988.

In an anti-terrorist operation on 14 July 1993, MI5 arrested a Provisional IRA man in his car while he was carrying a 20-pound bomb on Crest Road. The bombing occurred about 500 yards away from Staples Corner, which decimated the junction.

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