Clapham Park Area

Clapham Park Area

Clapham Park is located across the river from central London in the south west London Borough of Lambeth.


In 1825, Thomas Cubitt bought Bleak Hall Farm to use for developing the Clapham Park Estate close by. The estate was envisioned as a series of large houses attached to each other with extensive grounds, each constructed in Cubitt’s distinctive Italianate style. If Cubitt had had his way, many of his ideas would have been realized, but they were sadly overlooked when World War I broke out. Rodenhurst Road, which was already a popular street of Edwardian houses, rose to become a landmark of the city, knocking down Lincoln House, Cubitt’s last home, in 1905. There is a Blue Plaque at the house that tells us British statesman Arthur Henderson once lived here. Clapham Park is no longer a part of the streets south of Poynders Road. The South Circular stems mostly from these veins.

Clapham Park West Estate

During World War II, Oakfield House and Clarence House suffered serious damage. The council built the majority of the apartments of the northeastern part of the estate as council housing in the 1920s, where the apartments are known as unique neo-Georgian brick flats. Most of the Cubitt houses were demolished except for a few, which were replaced with more Modern Movement architecture. Clapham Park Estate has become Lambeth council’s largest estate after completion.

Metropolitan Clapham Park

Having been given over to Metropolitan in 2006, Clapham Park was taken over by the council’s, now Metropolitan’s, estate.

Met Clapham Park has managed and maintained Clapham Park’s rental properties since May 2006. Besides the leaseholders and share certificate owners, Clapham Park also provides services for private residents.
As of April 2012, Metropolitan Clapham Park was renamed from Clapham Park Homes. A limited company owns and manages Metropolitan Clapham Park, whose board of directors has overall responsibility for the business. A resident, councillor, state representative, local authority representative, nominee, and an independent member are members of the board. The board of directors is entirely comprised of volunteers.

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