Anerley Area

Anerley Area

The London boroughs of Bromley and Surrey are part of the London Borough of Anerley. Near Upper Norwood at a distance of seven miles, Penge at a distance of three miles, Elmers End at a distance of five miles, City at a distance of four miles, and South West London at a distance of five miles from Charing Cross.


Anerley was never intended to be an autonomous entity, but rather an inclusive area. Anerley was a part of a Penge Common which was unoccupied until the 19th century when it was enclosed in 1827. As a result it was moved to Penge Place, which is situated on the top of Sydenham Hill. 

According to the 1827 Government Act, a “50-foot-wide” new road was to be layed out from Elmers End Road to Upper Norwood’s Church Road. The first house in the Penge Common area was built in 1827 by Herbert Sanderson, a Scottish silk manufacturer, who purchased land from the Penge Common’s developer. 

This house was renamed “Anerly House”. Anerley derives its name from a region dialect which means “solitary”, hence the road that carries the same name, giving the current name to the area. The first rate book of Anerley Town Hall can be found in the Anerley Town Hall and is dated 18 June 1827. Sanderson is the first name to appear in the book.


During the Second World War, Anerley was ravaged by bombing, with five German V1 rockets exploding on the estate. 23 rockets have been launched at various locations in Crystal Palace Park and the surrounding area. A V1 Rocket was reported shot down by an AA gun after he was chased by a Spitfire on 18 June 1944. 

Shots aimed at Anerley Park hit it near the intersection of Anerley Road. A total of three homes were destroyed, and a further 20 were severely damaged. The intersection between Crystal Palace station and Anerley was hit with its third V-1 on 11 July 1944. 

The sound of the rocket had been heard and many was running for cover, which they failed to find, resulting in 11 deaths. Station Road suffered 18 shop destructions, eight shops significant damage, seven homes a serious amount of damage and 84 reported minor damage as well. Additionally, the Paxton Arms pub was partly destroyed and reopened in 1955. The last time Anerley was bombed by rocket was on 24 August 1944.

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